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Our expert technicians have a lot of helpful tips and pieces of advice that will help you get the most out of your system.

Check the rollers for signs of abnormal use.

Nylon rollers are smoother than steel rollers but they are easier to chip and crack. As for steel rollers, the bearings tend to be the first to go. Replacement rollers are affordable and easily obtainable at hardware stores. Call a professional repair company if you’re not comfortable replacing them.

Replace the weather seal on the bottom of the garage door

A good seal makes a pleasant sound when it comes in contact with the ground. It can be as cool as the old-fashioned open and close door test for luxury cars. Moreover, the good seal is an important protection from the weather for everything inside the garage.

A functional opener is important for a functional door

If your opener is not working properly, it will be very inconvenient if not impossible to operate the door. Make sure to properly and regularly maintain your opener to ensure that it is in perfect working condition at all times.

Clean the door with the usual household cleaners

According to our experts, garage door maintenance does not really require special cleaning supplies. You can clean the garage door panel, railings, frame, tracks, and other door parts using ordinary household cleaners. Just avoid highly corrosive substances like bleach as they hasten rusting and can cause major problems especially on the moving parts.

Noisy garage doors may just need some lubrication

A garage door that keeps producing pesky noises whenever it is opened or closed may have problems with the garage door springs. These problems, however, may not be major to require a broken spring repair service. Lubrication maintenance may solve the issue as noises could be caused by the drying up and corrosion of the springs.

A new door opener should come with all modern safety features

Our specialists want to remind you to make sure that the garage door opener you get comes with all the modern safety features. It should have the safety reverse function and a photoelectric eye that detects movement along the door to avoid accidents.


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